God is God

God is God

God is over all and in all and through all. He created everything, including me. I can only understand some things, but He knows all things.

Sometimes in my life, I have wished He wasn’t always there, that He didn’t know everything about me. There were things that, I was not proud of, yes even that I was ashamed of. I could not make these things disappear from my recollection, no matter what I tried.

What I have discovered, in reading God’s Word over and again, is that God wants to love me. He wants to forgive me and transform me so I don’t repeat those behaviors. He even calls me His child!

Jesus. The name means one who saves. He is the one God promised long ago, the only one perfect and able to live a life pleasing to God as He is without any fault, a true man of God. He is God, along with the Father and the holy Spirit, and therefore was able to defeat death and rise from the dead, which He did and was seen by people living at the time. Some tried to quash the evidence, but the eyewitnesses recorded their accounts, still available to today.

Today, I am grateful. God makes each day new. He gives self-control. He even helps me hold my tongue! Never underestimate the power of silent prayer.

I pray you all may realize a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The resulting inward peace is out of this world!

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